Karlavägen 57




A new hub empowering connectivity and collaboration in an exclusive location.


A private and accommodating business lounge for meetings and events, surrounded by the exuberant neighborhood of posh restaurants, exciting shopping and electric nightlife.


Located in the heart of Stockholm, with easy accessibility for all. This beautiful and modern multipurpose lounge allows for relaxed gatherings and valuable connections.


Luxury Meeting Room


Our office design resonates with both corporate and entrepreneurs respectively.

They find a work-space which compliments their own brand image, workflow, productivity, collaboration and socialization to achieve business success. 


Off site executive strategy meetings, presentations to corporate clients, board meetings, special project meeting, workshops, conference venue hire, training sessions, design-thinking spaces, brain-storming sessions, other organisational gatherings



 In today’s competitive marketplace, creating a culture of innovation has become more important than ever.

Collaboration zones provide a natural crossroads for co-workers to meet and share ideas.

Due to the social nature of brainstorming spaces, they are best located in private or semi-private areas where noise and unstructured creativity won’t disturb others.

At KV57 we offer you these spaces in creative and unique ways. With a personal touch.

INTERIOR & Design 

We are pleased to note that together with highly acclaimed Swedish based Interior Design firm Living Design AB.

We effectively used space, color, textures and cutting edge work design
elements to inspire success.

Rates & amenities

Half Day Rate 9 am - 1 pm 4500 SEK
Full Day Rate 9 am - 5 pm 6500 SEK
After Hours Rate 1000 SEK per hour after 5 pm
Excl. Moms 
Fees include Coffee, Water and Tea
Own catering is allowed on site
Facility is staffed remotely as privacy for our clientele is our priority.
Meeting Space •    Lounge •    Breakout Areas •    Coffee Machine •    Fridge •    Kitchen Unit •    Wardrobe •    Accessible WiFi •    Printer •    W/C  •    TV with HDMI





Address: Karlavägen 57, Stockholm Sweden 

Closest Subway Station: Stadion 

Tel: + 46 8 755 17 65        Fax: +46 8 755 41 37

Email: info@kv57.se



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